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Mark Frost
421 Fountain St, NE
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
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Innovation Central offers four distinctly innovative high schools on one campus. Students from all four Innovation Central schools will share the former Central High School campus with Grand Rapids Montessori high school students, supporting a positive culture of academic achievement. This centrally located, historic campus is considered a jewel in the GRPS portfolio.

Academy of Design & Construction

- Focus on architecture, engineering, design, and construction through real world experiences.

- Active involvement of industry professionals in student learning.

- Partnerships with businesses, colleges, and universities.


Academy for Modern Engineering

- 99% graduation rate.

- 90% of graduates enroll in a post-secondary school.

- Science, technology, engineering, and math partnerships with seven leading universities.

Academy of Business, Leadership & Entrepreneurship

- State of the art 21st Century learning environment.

- Courses in business technology, marketing, management, multi-media, accounting, and business law.

- Partnerships with job providers and universities.

Academy of Health Science & Technology

- Customized, career-focused courses in healthcare.

- Opportunities for job shadowing and internships with the leading health care providers in the region.

- Partnerships with Life EMS, local hospitals, colleges, and universities.