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Director of Early Childhood
1331 Franklin ST SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49501-0117
Phone: (616) 819-2111
Fax: (616) 819-2104

PRESCHOOL & KINDERGARTEN REGISTRATION - Call 819-2111 to find out your neighborhood school.

KINDERGARTEN - for children who turn 5 YEARS OLD by October 1: Contact your neighborhood school or the Early Childhood Office (616) 819-2111 to find out your neighborhood "attendance area" school.

PRESCHOOL - 4 YEAR OLDS (must be 4 by October 1): We offer the GREAT START READINESS PROGRAM, for qualifying families at 20 sites within the Grand Rapids Public School district. Contact the Early Childhood Office, (616) 819-2111, for your attendance area preschool location. A completed application must be approved before your child begins school.

PRESCHOOL - 3 YEAR OLDS (must be 3 by October 1): Both Grand Rapids Montessori Public School and North Park Montessori accept some 3 year olds in their programs on a tuition basis. Please contact the COMMUNITY & STUDENT SERVICES department for more information about Theme Schools at (616) 819-2150.

KEN-O-SHA CENTER (Diagnostics, Preschool, Home-Community)
Concerned about your child's development (birth through 2 years 9 months)?

Contact Ken-O-Sha Diagnostic Services, (616) 819-2685. We have programs for children 3 through 26 years with diagnosed special needs at these sites:

Campus Early Childhood Center
Ken-O-Sha Preschool Program at VanAuken