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Nikki Jones, Principal
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Grand Rapids MI, 49506 
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The School
Grand Rapids Montessori middle admits students via application based on availability.  City wide students are selected via computerized lottery process.  The Montessori Method provides an experiential hands-on approach with multi-age classrooms, student-paced curriculum, cutting-edge teacher training, and a unique environment.   


We believe the Montessori Method develops the whole child to become a self-directed lifelong learner.  We seek to form a community that nurtures an atmosphere of caring, and where adults and students respect each other. 

Qualities Nurtured

Students sign a school contract each year in which they promise to work to build community within the school, and work collaboratively in teams
with other students and faculty. 


All teachers are certified by the State of Michigan and depending on their specific position, have earned Montessori Certification and or will be completing Montessori course work as required by the school district. 


Grand Rapids Montessori middle school currently has 44 students enrolled grades 7-8th.

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Middle School Academic Program
The school day begins at 8:50 and ends at 3:59.  The school year is comprised of 4 quarters.  Each quarter is taught under one of the Grand Rapids Montessori themes.  The chosen themes are based on the academic requirements of middle school students and the developmental needs of the adolescent.  Teachers clearly communicate objectives to students to more actively engage them in taking responsibility for their own learning.  Students are encouraged to set their own academic achievement goals. 

Grading System
The Grading system at Grand Rapids Montessori is based on a 4.0 scale.  Students are not ranked. 

Detailed Grading Scale:  Letter scores for mark reporting
A :93-100%   A- : 90-92%
B+ : 87-89% B : 83-86%    B- : 80-82%
C+ : 77-79%   C : 73-76%     C- : 70-72%
D+ : 67-69%  D : 63-66%    D- : 60-62%

G.P.A Scale
A: 4.0             A-: 3.7
B+ : 3.3          B : 3.0                        B- : 2.7
C+ : 2.3          C : 2.0             C-: 1.7
D+ : 1.3          D : 1.0             D- : 0.7
E : 0.0 

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Intersession Courses 

7-8th grade orientation
Fall Camp is a way of giving students a taste of erdkinder by providing students with the opportunity to develop independence, interdependence, and self-reliance in the natural environment. Erdkinder empowers adolescents with the knowledge that they must take responsibility for their own care and that their activities, pursuits and actions have a very real effect on their fellow students, instructors, home and community.  
Culminating experience (are projected to begin 2013-2014 school year)
7th Grade – leadership camp
8th grade field Study 

Community Service
Community service is a requirement for all students that attend Grand Rapids Montessori middle. The purpose of community service is to strengthen student’s awareness of civil engagement by providing opportunities for students to volunteer in areas of the community where there is a problem or need.  All students must complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service per year with a social service agency outside regular school hours. 

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Middle School Curriculum
Instructional Themes are aligned and introduced throughout the content areas. There is a major emphasis placed on the following themes in the area of science and social studies.  

  • Explorations and new beginnings
  • Identity – individual and collective
  • Independence and interdependence
  • Leadership through stewardship
  • Balance-the interaction between organisms and the environment
  • Changes in self and the scientific environment
  • Movement – laws of motion
  • Acquiring a sense of belonging

Language Arts
Following the two year cycle of curricular themes, the middle school language arts program includes literature, English grammar/usage, writing process and oratory skills. 

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Students use the Connected Math textbook which is supplemented with Montessori materials to cover the grade level standards.  Topics are introduced concretely by relating the mathematics to real-world situations.  Then, concepts are developed to abstraction as the use of equations, formulas and rules are developed. 

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Teachers introduce Science topics from the SEP UP science curriculum.  Students work collaboratively and individually to complete assignments. 

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Social Studies
Students use the History Life textbook to cover the Grade level standards. 

“Education should no longer be mostly imparting knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentials.”  Maria Montessori

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