Ken O Sha @ VanAuken

Mary Cok

1353 Van Auken S.E.

Grand Rapids, MI 49508
Phone (616)819-2685 Fax (616)819-2684

Ken-O-Sha Center is a Kent Intermediate School District program operated by the Grand Rapids Public Schools and offers programs and schooling for children with special needs. Ken-O-Sha offers three programs:sledding

Home Community - ages 0-3

Preschool Program - ages 3-5

Diagnostic Center - ages 2-26

Take the first step to prepare your child for school.    Educational research shows that early identification and intervention maximizes a child's later success in school.  To refer your child for a special education evaluation, call us today.  Please be ready to describe your concerns, your child's date of birth, know the physician or clinic your child goes to and a brief medical history.  An assessment team member will contact you to discuss your concerns.

Serving Students of Kent Intermediate School District

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