Native American Education Program


Straight Building

850 Chatham NW

Grand Rapids, Mi 49504

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This is a federally funded program through the United States Government, known as Title VII. Through the collection of “student eligibility forms,” we are able to provide many services to our districts Native American students. Our program offers tutoring, based on needs, evening programming offered to all Native Students and community events that are sponsored by the Grand Rapids Public Schools.

Betty Davis; Native American Program Supervisor

Jonie Abella; Office Assistant

Courtney Biggs; Tutor

Amy Westcott, Tutor

Shaina Wabindato, Tutor

Sheryl Sheber; Student/Parent Coordinator



Design and address the unique education and culturally related academic needs of American Indian and Alaskan Native students, including preschool students.

Principals of Learning:

Socializing Intelligence-*I have the right and obligation to understand and making things work

Accountable Talk-*Commitment to getting it right

Academic Rigor in a thinking Curriculum-*Reflection on learning strategies

Clear Expectations-Families and community informed


*Engage students through weekly tutoring sessions

*Engage parents on the importance of becoming active stakeholders in student achievement

*Use data and technology to inform the community of our grant

*Provide Professional Development opportunities related to Indian education and program objectives

*Provide service to our Native American students through classroom presentations and tutoring (during and after school) and after school language and cultural programs

*Promoting the importance of community involvement and building relationships with parents, students and the community through after school programs, evening, and week end events

*Promoting positive relationships with parents, students and community through teaching the Ojibwe language, planned cultural events, and parent/community meetings

*Program is designed to reflect GLCE's in our classroom presentation

Anishinaabek Cultural Awareness Program Activities (A.C.A.P):

*Little Bears: This curriculum will educate Native students in k – 2nd grades with cultural teachings that will help them meet their needs and help them to become a self-driected and productive student out in the community.

*The Nice Turtles (TNT): For our Native students in grades 3rd – 5th, teaching Native language, crafts, and cultural teamwork skills.

*Youth Today, Leaders Tomorrow (YTLT): This afterschool program for our Native youth in grades 6th – 12th focuses on our native culture, traditions and heritage.

*Youth Drum - Ewaayaa Bimaadiziwin E nagamo jig: drum teachings and lessons every Wednesday TBA for the young men in the community.

*Tutoring: Offers academic support in areas of reading and writing to 20 Native students, based on need, in grades 5th thru 8th.

*Classroom Presentations and Assemblies: Our student/Parent Coordinators are able to go into kindergarten thru third grade classrooms and perform Native based presentations. Our staff and our students also perform Pow-wow presentations, assembly style, to elementary and middle schools.

*Afterschool Mentor Program: Our students will learn the foundation of phonics, improve basic reading skills and learn socialization skills through Table Talk.