Southwest Community Campus

Carmen D. Fernandez
801 Oakland S.W.
p. 616.819.2947 f.616.819.3630

Southwest Community Campus, (SWCC) one of Grand Rapids Public School’s theme schools, houses a well established two way immersion (English/Spanish) program. Its goal is for students (PreK-8th) to become proficient in both Spanish and English. The Two-Way Instructional model is integrated with the district’s adopted Balanced Literacy Model for elementary, as well as the 5E Model for secondary students. Students learn and acquire literacy in the early years in homogenous language.SWCC Students

At SWCC, the entire school participates in the Annual Science Fair. In addition, SWCC has an outstanding Academic Games Program who coaches students in Mathematics, and Linguistics; preparing them for state and national competitions.

Southwest Community Campus enjoys a diverse group of students. As a result of the cultural richness our students and parents bring to the school, there are many activities and celebrations to assure SWCC student’s become bi-cultural as well as bilingual/biliterate. Southwest Community Campus offers a full range of sports including soccer, basketball, volleyball, track, cheerleading, and bowling.

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